Writing for Writing’s Sake

I make excuses. A lot of them. I don’t want to make excuses, but they happen.

My question is, what happens if you’re not allowed to make an excuse? Not that things don’t still not get done, but it’s no longer an excuse, it’s just a failure. It would be a complete change of reference.

I wouldn’t think to myself, “well, if I hadn’t had so much work, I would have gotten more writing done”, or “if I didn’t want to get a workout in (which, if I’m being honest is something I already skip out on enough ), I would have read another chapter.” Instead, I would simply just have failed to write more. Failed to read another chapter.

Sometimes, these failures would be in the pursuit of something respectable, like trying to stay fit and working out, more often, my failures would be a consequence of a lack of focus and direction that led me to read the 30+ Medium articles I have unceremoniously dumped into my inbox nightly.

Side note: IFTTT (www.ifttt.com) does exactly what it promises to do – it makes the internet work for you. Buyer beware however, as there is a whole lot of internet and only one of you and I will be suspending many of my recipes shortly in order to save my sanity.

I learn a lot on this website and two of my favorite collections are Better Humans and Writers on Writing, which I think is pretty insightful – I want to be better and I want to write more.

There will be a lot of future posts that build off of what I’m finding out about myself, what I’m learning by reading, and hopefully about what I’m creating, but the theme I’ve found today is that digital ink is cheap, and as such, I can press publish for the first time. I don’t need to have a world changing piece. It doesn’t need to be Pulitzer worthy (an award, interestingly enough, I have never aspired to win like many journalists and writers I’ve read about). It just needs to be. And here it is. Confusing. Rambling. Existing. Absent any coherent theme.

Even in this piece I have touched on a number of themes that are worth exploring further. Even a cursory glance shows distraction, self-improvement, focus, writing, fine-tuning, the power of the internet, and failure. None of them are novel. All of them have been written about before by more talented writers and discussed by more capable thinkers than I could ever hope to be, but they are the topics that keep me up at night, that get me out of bed in the morning, and that ultimately propel me to wherever it is that I am going.

So, did I make an excuse today? or did I fail? I don’t know, but I did write.


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