Mission Update at S&S

When I started this blog almost about 9 months ago, I wanted it to be a place where worlds collided. At the time, that meant photography and music, two of my biggest passions. As time has gone on however, I’ve realized a few things. First, I can’t limit myself to just music and photography. I like too many things and I think anyone who reads this blog does too. That doesn’t mean that I’m not planning to make it through the summer (and if I’m really good, the year) with posting a photo every day and I’ll try start posting music that I like on a more regular basis again, but it also means that I’ll be broadening the content of what’s posted as well. I’m sure some of you have picked up on some of these changes already as I’ve started posting my Avoiding Responsibility entries. The second thing I’ve realized is that the worst thing that a blog can suffer from is a lack of new and interesting content. So, the biggest changes coming to S&S will be the change in content, but a change in perspective. I’ve been recruiting other writers and artists to use Shutters & Sounds in the hopes that they will use it as a platform to share their views and work. The hardest things about a blog is producing consistent content. It’s too much work for one person to do parttime and I certainly am in no position to make this a full time job. I’m hoping that if there are a few contributors new posts will appear more regularly making S&S a more desirable blog to visit.

I hope these changes will begin shortly and that you’ll appreciate them, because as much as I like posting my photos and thoughts online, it doesn’t mean much if no one sees them. So, as my friends like to say, “Y’all come back now, you hear?”




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