Cinema Dance

Me 1

As I mentioned on Thursday, I’ve spent the last few days in the woods shooting a movie. I brought my camera with me (surprised?) and tonight, while we edit the footage, I worked on some photographs. I made it through way more photos than I normally do in a sitting because I could sit and work on them for hours and since I couldn’t work on my homework anyway, I don’t feel guilty about it. Enjoy all of them after the jump. 

Matej 1

Matej 2

Boaz 1

Stephanie + Lisa

Through the Window

Other Side of The River


Open Window


Trees In the Sky

Matej 3

Matej 4

Matej 5

Boaz 2

Boaz 3

Stephanie 1

Matej 6

Stephanie 2

Stephanie 3

Me 2

Me 1


Boaz + Tessa

Matej 7


Tessa 1

Tessa 2

Tessa 3

Tessa 4

Boaz 4

Trees In the Sky 2

Stephanie 4

Boaz + Tessa 2

Matej 8

Stephanie 5

Stephanie 6


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