Macklemore Vs. Ryan Lewis – Otherside

I’d sip that shit, pass out or play Playstation,
Months later, I’m in the same place,
No music made, feelin’ like a failure,
And trust me,
It’s not dope to be 25 and move back to your parents’ basement,
I’ve seen my people’s dreams die,
I’ve seen what they can be, denied,
And weeds are the drug that’s the now,
Groundhog Day, life repeat, each time,

Off of their unbelievably good EP which you can get for free here, comes a track paying tribute to U.G.K. member Pimp C who passed away. Rapping over the classic Red Hot Chili Peppers track “Otherside” this may not be the strongest track on the disc, but I love the story, so that’s why it gets posted and you have to get the rest of the album to hear the others. Grab it for yourself here (MF) and compare it with the RHCP after the jump…


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