Telc, Pt. 1

Idle Train 1

Before I pass out for a nap, I thought I’d post a few photos from my trip this past weekend to Telc. Telc is a delightful little town in southern Moravia, just east of the border with Bohemia and the town’s center is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. I brought my camera with me and here are a few photos that I took (and have had time to edit). Hope you enjoy them.  Do you have a favorite? Feel free to leave your thoughts, criticisms, etc. in the comment section.

Idle Train 2


His Shadow

Jet Stream

Telc Square

Connect The Dots

Little Boxes

Telc Square 2


Made of Ticky Tacky

Sunlit Arcade

Weeping Willow Silhouette

Church Tower Reflected

Lakefront in Telc

Bridge Over Peaceful Waters

Swan Lake 1

Solitary Swan


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