Poll: Beard or Shaven?

I’m struggling with that age-old dilemma – to shave or not to shave.

Allow me to catch you up on the situation – my razors are dull, I have about a week’s growth already and I’m in Europe for a little over two more months. Also, with the beginning of No-Shave November, I think it’s a prudent question. So here’s my question to anyone reading this blog:

Should I shave, suffering through the tugging and pulling, only to achieve a decent shave OR should I embrace the fact that winter is coming and a little extra warmth is always welcome?

Let’s be clear, this is only temporary, no later than the second day of class in the spring will I be clean-shaven again (unless the beard is a smashing success), and the second day just because some people may want to see the accomplishment.

Vote after the break and get some visuals…

What I look like clean shaven…

and this is after about two months (?) of no shaving…



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